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Correspondence Course

Home study allows you to work at your own pace, as time allows, and at a reasonable cost.  Correspondence studies are designed for the student who possesses a high degree of initiative, motivation and intellectual capacity.  Alternative health maintenance and nutrition are among the most stimulating and rewarding general interest areas of science today.  Not only do more people want to learn about these fields, but there are also more and more people looking for help in staying healthy. Gain the confidence, knowledge and education you need to successfully address the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of well being.


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Seminars are an excellent way to receive personal instruction and gain insights into the various aspects, principles, and applications of the Ionization Analysis Method. Designed to give you a comprehensive overview of this multi-dimensional healing modality in a hands-on environment. A unique exposure to theory, application and lab techniques are exciting aspects of the seminar  experience.  Study aids are provided to enhance your understanding and proficiency.

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Certification Programs

Our Certification programs meet the quality assurance requirements established to ensure conformity and continuity of the principles and standards found in the original concepts and methods upon which this work is founded. 

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Online Studies

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